Cool Things: November 2009

by Brian Tippetts


Technology Hype

For the creative types out there (that's all of us, right?), I recommend the Yudu screen-printing system from Provo Craft. It offers a whole new way of creating images. You can screen print images and text on fabrics and paper. Just imagine the possibilities: family reunion T-shirts, party invitations, tote bags and more. You can find tutorials and more examples at

Great Tools

For a little extra dimension on your pages, try these corrugated monogram letters from Colorbök. The corrugated look is back, and these letters can work like any chipboard. Paint or ink them for a different look, or use them as is for a nice, textured title on your next layout.


Typography Website

This month, check out This site has more than just fonts. It has an education section where you can find tips for using type and also browse the Type Glossary. Then you can peruse the vast list of free fonts to practice your newfound skills.


Font of the Month

CK Reader Karen Evans wanted to identify the handwritten-looking font on this ad from Food Network Magazine. Karen, this font is Louisiana. It can be found on many websites, including and It's perfect for creating a legible, handwritten look on your pages.


Outside Inspiration

For a fun, unique look on your pages, try these Alphabet Paperclips designed by Stephen Reed. They have many practical purposes-alphabetizing papers easily, organizing files, and so on-but they also have many scrapbooking possibilities. You can use them as a subtle accent on a layout by using the person's first initial, create a unique alphabet album or page, or use them on custom invitations or announcements. Try these out to see how many uses you can think of. You can find these adorable paper clips at

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this website is awesome my daughter and I are happily searching through these wonderful and creative websites
These are so cute, and a bit different too!
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