CK Sketch Variations: March/April 2011

by Lori Fairbanks

Use this issue's sketch to easily fit five standard-size photos on your scrapbook layout. Leave even margins around the perimeter of your layout to frame your photo grouping.

scrapbook sketches

Or try two variations to give you more ideas on how evenly space your photos with equal margins between them, to give your layout a delightfully orderly and uncluttered look.



Variation 1

scrapbook sketches


scrapbook layout

Spring Training by Paula Gilarde. Digital Supplies: Software: Adobe; Patterned paper, baseball accent, circle accent, and transparency: Anna Aspnes; Chipboard, frames, and sticky notes: Katie Pertiet; Word art: Ali Edwards; Font: Luna.


Even it up: Create a fun, spontaneous look on your layout by allowing accents to break out of a very structured design. On Paula Gilarde's layout, observe how the stacked, framed photo overlaps neighboring photos and the circle accents cross over into the margins.



Variation 2


scrapbook sketches


scrapbook layout

Spring Is in the Air by Smitha Katti. Photography by Nachiket Katti. Digital Supplies: Software: Adobe; Papers: Crystal Wilkerson and Katie Pertiet; Ribbon: Shabby Princess; Stitching: Shabby Princess and; Buttons: Crystal Wilkerson; Fonts: Pea Jack & Jane and Pea Jokilyn Doodles.

Even it up: Give your layout an asymmetrical twist by making the outer margins uneven, like Smitha Katti did on her layout. Notice how the smaller top margin lifts the position of the photo grouping, giving the layout an optimistic feel. Keep even margins between photos and other elements to maintain the balance of the layout.


Get more sketches! Check out the Bonus Sketches for the March/April 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.


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McCoko - do to "Downloads", under each month's name, there is a button for "Bonus Sketches", put your cursor there and click, the pdf files for that month's sketches are in there.
Printable Sketches
Is CK no longer providing a printable PDF for the sketches in the magazine? I have the one from the January 2011 issue but I could not find anything but the bonus pullout sections for February and March. Thank you in advance for your attention to my inquiry! I really love CK sketches!
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