CK Shows You How to Paint on Scrapbook Layouts

by Lori Fairbanks

Inexpensive and readily available, paint is a fun, easy-to-use supply to utilize on your scrapbook layouts. Use it to add artistic edges to your layout, to create unique accents, and to add textural interest to your pages. We'll walk you through a basic technique and give you helpful tips for your layouts. Gather your materials and follow along with us!

scrapbook layout

For A Cure by Gretchen McElveen, as seen in the November/December issue of Creating Keepsakes.

Give your layout artistic flair by edging your pages and key elements with paint, like Gretchen McElveen did on her layout.


Edge layout elements with paint. Here's how:

scrapbook step-by-step

scrapbook step-by-step


scrapbook step-by-step

Tips for Success

* Apply paint in a thin layer to allow it to dry quickly.

* While it looks great to edge elements with neutral colors like black, brown, and white, consider using brighter colors that coordinate with your layout, like Gretchen did on her page with the pink paint.

* Don't have a foam brush handy? Use your fingers to paint the edges on your layout. You can also create a fun effect using a spare toothbrush.

* Mix a little metallic spray ink into your paint to add a slight shimmer to your project.


scrapbook tools


Q. What's the best type of paint to use on scrapbook layouts?

A. We like acrylic paint because it's inexpensive, easy to find, and comes in so many colors. Click here for a quick guide to different types of paint. Or, if you want ideas for using watercolors on your layouts, click here.


Q. Can I apply glitter to my painted edges?

A. Absolutely! Sprinkle the glitter on while the paint is still wet. Consider applying a clear-drying glaze over the glittered paint if you want a shiny, sparkly finish. Or, try a paint with glitter already mixed in.


Q. What other techniques for using paint on scrapbook layouts can I try?

A. Here are three fun ideas to get you started:

  1. Paint on transparencies. Paint around the edges and leave the center clear, or paint the transparency and cut it into shapes like Jennifer McGuire did on her layout.
  2. Apply paint to foam stamps and stamp on your layouts. Try letter stamps, image stamps, or even background stamps. Here's a look at an Easter egg accent that Joannie McBride created with this technique.
  3. Paint stripes on a layout by applying strips of masking tape to your cardstock before painting it, or try this clever idea using a piece of corrugated cardboard.


Learn two more ways to paint to your scrapbook layouts in the November/December 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.


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