Blur the Photo Background: Video Tutorial

Lori Anderson

Use Photoshop Elements to Blur the Background

Do you have a photo that would be great with a blurred background but you've already shot the photo in full focus? Create a blurred background effect in Photoshop Elements by following these steps:

1. Open your photo, and save it with a new name. Click on the Selection Brush Tool (grouped with the Quick Selection Tool), and highlight the part of your photo you would like to keep in focus.

2. Click on the Select menu and choose Inverse. The background of your photo will now be selected.

3. Click on the Filter menu, select Blur, and then select Gaussian Blur. Click on and hold the slider, and then move it to adjust the blur effect to your liking. You can also enter a number in the Radius box to achieve the effect. Click OK when you are finished. Note: To remove the dotted lines, click on the Select menu and choose Deselect.


Free Video Tutorial


Take This Tutorial With You!

For those of you that are on the go, we've recorded a Blur the Background of a Photo videocast for loading onto iPods, or you can download an MP3 file to listen to this tutorial on your MP3 player.


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Background Blur
Awesome Tutorial. Thank you.
Thank you so much I'm new to Photoshop and anything about it I find is so helpful. Thanks again for the lesson.
Instructions I can understand!
Thank you for this tutorial. I actually think I can do this now. GREAT instructions.
Blurred photo
I've always wanted to blur the background and this tutorial video made it so simple. Thanks so much. Joan P.
Can't Wait To Try This
i can't wait to try this
Blurr tutorial
Thank you for the easy to understand tutorial
Totally want to do this!
I've been wanting to do this technique for so long! You know, to blur the laundry out of the background of the cute pic of my kids. I just got PSE 8.0 for Christmas... too bad my computer's a dinosaur and doesn't even have a DVD drive! *sigh* Next purchase: a new computer! LOL!
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