Blogging Tips for Scrapbookers

by Elizabeth Kartchner
Blogging Tips for Scrapbookers

The following scrapbooking questions from readers were posed to Creating Keepsakes magazine and answered in our November 2008 issue.

Q. I’m spending more time blogging than scrapbooking these days, and I consider myfamily’s blog my online scrapbook. I would love to “jazz” up the blog I have for my sons by creating a new blog banner. (I use Blogger.) How can I create and import a new banner for our blog? Thanks so much!
—Debbie Vogel, New Market, MD

A. I started a blog to stay connected with family across the country, Debbie, and it has become so much more. I agree—a blog is an online scrapbook! Here are some easy steps for Blogger (they may be slightly different depending on the blog host you use):
1. Open Adobe Photoshop (or another photo-editing program) and open a new document sized at 650 x 250 pixels.
2. Use a digital kit or crop a photo to design your banner.
3. Save your document as a .psd (Photoshop file) so you can edit it in the future, then save a copy as a .jpeg. (This is the file you will use on your blog.)
4. Open your blog and go to your “Dashboard.”
5. Click on “Header,” then “Browse” your computer for the .jpeg file. Click on “Instead of title and description.”
Voila! You have a new banner. You can also make a banner with paper and glue, like I did for the option at XYZ. Simply create the header (mine is 8" x 21/2"), scan the header in at 300 dpi, resize it so it’s sized to 650 x 250 pixels, and upload it the same way.



Just Us by Elizabeth Kartchner. Supplies: Digital kit: Fresh Forest by Jennifer Pebbles,; Font: Decker,


Just Us
by Elizabeth Kartchner. Supplies: Digital paper: Bunny Love by Kate Teague,; Digital kit: Fresh Forest by Jennifer Pebbles,; Font: Decker,


Q. I would like to scan my 12" x 12" layouts on my scanner, but I’m not sure how to do it. Do you need a specialized scanner that does 12" x 12" sizes? Help!
—Tina Streuli, Bothell, WA
A. Such a great question, Tina! Here are two options for scanning in your layouts, and neither requires a 12" x 12" scanner.
Option 1:
1. Start with a standard-sized scanner and set it to 300 dpi.
2. Scan the left half of your layout.
3. Scan the right half of your layout, making sure that at least 2" of the scanned images will overlap.
4. Open Photoshop (or another photo-editing program) and create a new document sized at 12" x 12" with the resolution set to 300 dpi.
5. Using Photoshop, drag the left-half image and place it directly in the left side of your document.
6. Drag the right-half image and place it directly in the right side of the Photoshop file.
7. Reduce the opacity of the right half to 70–80%. This way, you can see where the images overlap.
8. Using the Move Tool, line up where your pages meet. This is referred to as “stitching your layouts together.”
9. Once you like the position, change the opacity back to 100%.
10. In the menu, select Layer > Flatten Image.
11. Save your image as a .jpeg.
Now you are ready to upload your layout to your blog!

Option 2:
This is awesome for the busy scrapbooker, because it will automatically piece your scans together. The technique requires that you have ArcSoft Scan-n-Stitch Deluxe software (
1. Scan the left and right sides of the layout following steps 1–3 above.
2. Open ArcSoft Scan-n-Stitch Deluxe software and sit back while it puts your pages together right before your eyes!

Online Help
Need a blog makeover? Check out these blog template sites:


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