5 Journaling Prompts for Pet Layouts

by Lori Fairbanks
5 Journaling Prompts for Pet Layouts

Nearly all pet owners think of their animals as members of the family. And it's no wonder-after all, they greet us when we come home from work, entertain us with their antics and offer us companionship. With all that they do for us and all that we do for them (hey, they don't feed themselves!), don't you think it's time to scrapbook some pages about them? Consider one of these journaling prompts to help you begin your layout:


1. How did your pet come into your life? Did you adopt it from an animal shelter? Perhaps you purchased it from a pet store, breeder or classified ad.


2. What is your favorite thing about your pet? Is it the endearing way your dog rests his head on your knee? How about the way your cat tries to get your attention by sitting on the book you're trying to read? Do you just love the happy sounds your gerbil makes?


3. How does your pet interact with your family? Does your cat allow your children to dress it up in doll clothes as long as it gets a treat? Does your bird whistle when you enter the room? Is your dog convinced you're taking him for a walk every time you put your hair in a ponytail?


4. What funny quirks does your pet have? Does your cat like water and try to join the kids at bathtime? Does your dog think watermelon is a tasty snack?


5. What do you like best about having a pet? Do you enjoy caring for the animal? Do you value the companionship it gives you, your spouse or your children? Does it bring a sense of security to your home? Does it encourage you to exercise? Is it a calming presence in your house?






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