5 Tips for Photographing Kids

by Lori Fairbanks
5 Tips for Photographing Kids

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Welcome to the Creating Keepsakes magazine podcast! We bring you cool ideas & easy solutions for scrapbooking your memories.

Hi I'm Lori Fairbanks, editor for Creating Keepsakes magazine. Today we're going to talk about 5 Tips for Photographing Kids.

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And now, 5 Tips for Photographing Kids.

It's no secret that kids are sometimes difficult to photograph. They're constantly on the go, making it difficult to catch the photos you want. And, chances are good that when you pull out your camera, they often either strike a cheesy pose or hide-neither of which will really capture the moment well in a photo. Here are five tricks to try to get photos you'll love:

  1. Make taking pictures part of your routine. Carry your camera with you all the time and take pictures of your children frequently, even every day. Your children will become accustomed to seeing the camera out and having their pictures taken won't be a big deal (or ordeal).
  2. Go for candid shots. Take photos when your children are engaged in an activity. Stand back far enough to not interrupt their focus and use your zoom lens to get in closer. If they're playing on the ground, get on their level to capture a more interesting angle in your photos.
  3. Be quick to click. To capture your children in motion, use the "sports" setting (or set your camera to a fast shutter speed with a higher ISO). Give yourself the advantage when taking motion shots by setting your camera to continuous or burst mode. Another idea is to practice panning the camera with the movement to keep your subject in focus (the background will blur).
  4. Make it fun. Be silly together-make faces, pretend to sneeze. With smaller children, pretend to "hide" behind the camera to play peek-a-boo. For older kids, try a little reverse psychology and tell them not to smile. "Don't you smile, don't laugh!"
  5. Show off your photos. After you take photos of your children, show them their pictures-they love looking at pictures of themselves and may even ask you to take more. Give them turns with the camera too-they'll have fun taking photos of each other (and of you) and this back-and-forth time with the camera may encourage them to be more cooperative with you as you're trying to take their pictures.

There you have it, five tips for photographing kids. Now, get out there, have a wonderful time taking photos of your kids, and scrapbook those beautiful photos so your memories are documented for everyone to enjoy year after year!

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And remember: when you scrapbook, you're not only sharing your story, you're creating keepsakes.

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