10 Journaling Prompts for Wedding Layouts

by Maurianne Dunn
10 Journaling Prompts for Wedding Layouts

Are you having trouble journaling about your wedding or the wedding of someone close to you? Here are a few tips for capturing the essence of that special day.

1. Put together a list of questions about the wedding day, and have a few members of the wedding party answer them.

2. Write down not only the facts (day, place, time, etc.) of the event, but record unique happenings or fun moments from the day, such as funny mishaps or unexpected moments.

3. Record the last-minute preparations that occurred the few days before the wedding.

4. Record the aftermath once the reception was over. If you were the bride, you'll probably learn fun stories from others about what happened once you left the reception.

5. Take pictures of the guests and write down recent happenings in their lives (recent marriages, births, moves, etc.).

6. Record your different thoughts and feelings about the wedding and related festivities.

7. Remember the little details, such as the decorations, food, who performed the ceremony, what the weather was like and details of the wedding cake.

8. Interview the bride and the groom-ask them what they love most about their new spouse and why they decided to marry each other.

9. Take a picture and record details of everyone's different shoes, including the bride's and groom's.

10. Record the toasts and well-wishes from the wedding guests.


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