10 Essential Tools for Scrapbooking

by Kim Jackson
10 Essential Tools for Scrapbooking

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Welcome to the Creating Keepsakes magazine podcast! We bring you cool ideas & easy solutions for scrapbooking your memories.

I'm Kim Jackson, senior editor for Creating Keepsakes scrapbook magazine.  Today we're going to talk about the 10 Essential Tools for Scrapbooking.

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And now, 10 Essential Tools for Scrapbooking.

Having the right scrapbooking tools on hand will help you create eye-catching, polished layouts. Plus, they'll save you time and simplify your scrapbooking process. But with all of the tools available, which ones should you definitely keep on hand?  To simplify this decision-making process, we've sifted through the incredible assortment of tools out there and narrowed them down to your ten must-haves! Most of these tools are affordable and available at your local scrapbook or craft store. Plus, they're so versatile and helpful, you'll find yourself turning to them again and again.


1.      Camera. Whether you opt for film or digital, point-and-shoot or SLR, your camera is the most essential tool you can have on hand. Keep it with you to capture both planned events and unexpected moments you'll want to scrapbook.  

2.      Paper trimmer. This essential scrapbooking tool helps you achieve straight, measured cuts with ease and is ideal for cutting paper, cropping photos, trimming titles, and more. Be sure to buy one large enough to cut a 12-inch piece of paper, since most of today's scrapbook papers are sold in this size.

3.      Hole punch. A basic hole punch makes threading ribbon and attaching eyelets, brads, and more a snap. They come in many sizes, but we recommend you start with an 1/8" or a 1/4" hole punch for all of these basic attachment needs.

4.      Small, sharp scissors and a craft knife. Reserve these essential tools for intricate, clean cuts on accents, backgrounds, and more.

5.      Non-stick, self-healing cutting mat. Protect your tabletop from sharp blades with this safe cutting surface. It's made up of a special, durable material to help it to last through many cuts.

6.      Pencil. Use this essential tool to write your journaling or journaling lines. Then, when you've got the placement just how you want it, write over those markings with an archival-safe pen and erase any leftover evidence of the pencil beneath.

7.      Pen. Archival black with a fine tip is the most versatile of this essential writing tool, although any color works. Use a pen for journaling on paper, accenting photos, enhancing accents, and more.

8.      Eraser. Even the most experienced scrapbookers sometimes need to make smudges or make small errors disappear, and this essential tool helps you eliminate mistakes with ease. 

9.      Ruler. Use a ruler to draw straight lines for journaling or to measure equal distances between design elements or your paper edges for a balanced design.

10.  Adhesive. Keep a variety of adhesives on hand so you're prepared for any surface. We recommend four types as essentials: 1) an adhesive runner or tape for photos or items with larger surfaces, borders, or strips, 2) a glue stick for trims or heavier accents such as chipboard, 3) foam tape for adding dimension and visual interest, and 4) adhesive dots for small, detailed, or clear layout pieces. 

There you have it: our recommendations for essential scrapbooking tools. Remember, you don't need oodles of expensive tools to scrapbook--just the essentials. And your own ingenuity is often the best tool of all.


That's all for today. Visit us online at creatingkeepsakes.com for more scrapbooking tips & solutions or to subscribe to our magazine. And be sure to visit our sponsor site, clubcreatingkeepsakes.com to gather with other scrapbookers for even more creative inspiration.

If you have a question or a topic you'd like us to cover on the Creating Keepsakes podcast, email us at letters@creatingkeepsakes.com.

And remember: when you scrapbook, you're not only sharing your story, you're creating keepsakes.


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