Facebook Explained

Facebook Explained

Want to know more about Facebook?
By now you have probably heard all about Facebook. And chances are, you fall into one of two categories.
1.    You are on Facebook and want to join our magazine groups?
2.    Heard of it, but not sure what it is or if it is for you?

For those of you in the first category, this is for you. First, how to join us on Facebook.
In the upper right hand corner you'll notice a section with 3 tabs titled Login, Newsletter, Connect. Click on the connect tab to find a direct link to connect to our magazine groups on Facebook. Don't see the magazine you'd like to join on Facebook? At the bottom of this page you'll noice a box of logo's that are for all our magazines. Select the magazine you'd like to join on Facebook. The logo will take you to that magazine's website where you'll find the same 3 tabs titled Login, Newsletter, Connect in the upper right hand corner. Select the Connect tab and click on the link to join the group on Facebook.

For those of you in the Second category, this section for you. Second, What is Facebook? 

Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life. Facebook is also a great tool for finding people with your same interests.

How to Join Facebook
1. Go to Webpage www.facebook.com
2. “Sign-up” green button
3. Enter personal info.
4. Confirm with link in email
5. Assign a picture to your profile- we want to see you!
6. Click “Groups” tab on left
7. Search groups for your favorite Creative Crafts Group title!
8. Join Group
9. Look Out for notifications, new product sneak peeks, creative challenges, and giveaways! 


The most frequently asked question regarding Facebook is privacy. Facebook allows you to set the level of privacy for your profile to a level you are comfortable with. Here are some simple ways to adjust privacy.
The parts of your profile you can change privacy settings for here are:
•    Profile
•    Basic Info
•    Personal Info
•    Status Updates
•    Photos Tagged of You
•    Videos Tagged of You
•    Friends
•    Wall
•    Education Info
•    Work Info

Here's how:

Photos, Privacy Settings
Go to: Privacy -> Profile -> Basic -> Edit Photo Albums Privacy Settings
Edit privacy settings for each photo you have on your Facebook profile individually. Every single photo can have it's privacy settings changed separately. Choose to have everyone see your photo, only networks and friends, friends of friends, only friends or you can customize your privacy settings for each photo.

Personal Information, Privacy Settings
Go to: Privacy -> Profile -> Contact Information

Adjust who can see your more personal information. These are things like:

•    IM Screen Name
•    Mobile Phone Number
•    Other Phone Number
•    Current Address
•    Your Website
•    Your Email Addresses

Searching For You, Privacy Settings
Go to: Privacy -> Search
These privacy settings will determine who can search for you and find you on Facebook. If you leave the choice at "anyone" then everyone can find you on Facebook. You can even choose to have your Facebook profile entered into search engines if you really want to be found.

Contact Information, Privacy Settings
Go to: Privacy -> Search
When you want your Facebook profile to be private then you need to change some of these privacy settings. They determine what someone can see when they come across your Facebook profile, but are not yet your friends. They also make it so non-friends can contact you, or make is so they can't. These are the privacy settings you have under contact information:
•    See Your Picture
•    Send You a Message
•    Add You As a Friend
•    View Your Friend List

What to expect from the Creative Crafts Group Facebook groups.
Facebook is just another way to connect. Get to know the editors and artists that contribute to your favorite publication. Get sneak peeks, join discussions, and get to know people who love the same things you love. Our Facebook pages are also a great way to introduce friends and family to your favorite crafts.


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