Register for Camp!

Register for Camp!

Hello, Mudder...
Hello, Fadder...
Here I am at...
Camp CK! Whoo hoo!

Hi CK Campers! It's me, Megan Hoeppner, letting you know that the week of July 13-17 is the first-ever online CK Summer Camp. Give a yell! Give a cheer!

This idea, inspired by the "CK Summer Camp" article in our July issue, is going to take your summer creativity to new, fun-filled heights. Here's some of what we have in store:

  • FREE daily online classes that cover everything from
  • Inspiring creativity challenges
  • Exciting tips and techniques
  • And more!

Time to Register

Registration opens today. It's completely free, it's easy and it's totally worth your while. Why? Well, those who register prior to June 31, 2009 will receive a free, stylin' CK Summer Camp iron-on t-shirt transfer. After all, what's camp without the groovy uniform?

Plus, anyone who signs up before registration closes on July 13 will receive all of the following:

  • An official CK Summer Camp logo to use on your blog, e-mail signature, and so on and so forth
  • A special coupon code to be used in our online store
  • A chance to win one of our scrapbook "Snack Packs," filled with scrapbooking goodies

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to register. I look forward to "seeing" you at camp soon.

Camp Counselor Megan

Megan Hoeppner


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never notified
I never recieved a notification after I registered.
Note to the webmasters
Hey webmasters - it's time to post a reply with the link to summer camp here! I know comments are alot to keep up with, but there are a bunch of customers waiting to "consume" your content (like me!) and we are feeling disappointed - not the emotion you want from your users, many of whom you may lose after this situation! Help us!
Summer Camp
I agree with these other campers - I feel like a lost "scrapper" having signed up yet I remain "invisible" to your system. Why isn't there a Summer Camp tab at the top of your home screen?
Summer Camp
I registered when I got the first email, back in June. Now it acts like I never signed up, so I had to reregister. I also never got the iron-on. I do like the projects, once I found them.
Summer camp
I have looked all over the CK web site and haven't found a link to Summer Camp.Please help us lost campers find the link as many of us have been looking foward to this
summer camp
I am ready for camp. Haven't seen any movement or anything. Do I always click on summer camp to take me to it or do I go somewhere elso, newbee here.
freebees & registration
I was so excited about camp!!! I signed up and was supposidely registered. But I haven't heard or received anything. Worse yet, each time I tried to sign in, it wouldn't recognize my password. I had my password sent but only got a blank email. I filled out the comment/problem form twice and still haven't gotten a response! I ended up logging in with an alternative email address today (one I prefer not to use), but since its the day of camp, I don't know if it will be accepted! Any suggestions? Please help, I really want to go to camp!!!!
I didn't receive anything either. Doesn't anyone know what time camp starts today?
What ever happened to...?
If we registered before jUn 31st we were supposed to get our t-shirt iron-on. I was really looking forward to this and the CAMP experience. Can anyone tell us what happened?
Just found this site
This looks GREAT! Can't wait. I just stumbled upon the site today! Wish I hadn't missed the free iron on.
summer camp
hello ladies, I just stumbled onto this site and came across this summer camp and signed up for it, hope I am not to late.
can't wait
i thought we going to receive an irron on for a t-shirt.
Can't wait
Love on-line activities especially when it is connected to scrapbooking and paper crafts!
haven't received anything?
I've registered for this (3 times I think) and haven't received anything? Please help, I was really excited about this opportunity!
something I can attend!!!!
Wahoo! thanks! Something I can attend. My kind of party. Best seat in the house!!!
Summer Camp
I used the link to registe and it takes me so another site.( unrelatered to scrapbooking) I would like to register, so it you culd help me that would be awsome! Thanks, Mari
Can't Wait
I have registered twice and still have not received anything in my email box. Was hoping to wear my T shirt!
How perfect.
Yeah Buddy!!
I like this kind of sunburns or bug bites! ;)
How Exciting... this is so cool
Im a Stay at Home Wife.. i luv scrapbooking,so im excited to use my time for this camp.. im in two other Summer contests at YMBD and Memorymixer..totally action packed in my room,lol
Too Fun!!!!
I'll bring the chocolate and grahm crackers!!!!
Here I Come - Whoo Hoo
I have nver been to camp, but you are never 2 old to try new experiences, right! Bags are packed and in the scrap room. Can't wait!
Going to camp
Paper cutter, check; adhesives, check; paper, check; frozen dinners for the fam so they won't starve while I'm camping...working on that...;)
Can't wait!
Got the sun screen, bug spray and s'mores ready :)
Summer Camp
My bags are packed!
Can't not wait.
I can't not wait for camp to start. It will be my first camp.
Yipee!!! Rearing to go ... TRACY G
I'm Packed and Ready!!
I can't wait...I LOVE CAMP!!! =)
Can't Wait
I love taking classes and learning new techniques to use on my pages.
This is going to be so much fun!
Woo Hoo Can't Wait
This is going to be so much fun
Can't wait to start camp. Must start packing now.
Haven't been to camp in a lot of years. I am so excited. Can't wait to see all the cute guys ... They do still have cute guys at camp right?
I'm IN too
How awesome, cannot wait!!!
Rookie Camper
Yeah I am registered for my first camp, hope I don't forget to pack anything. I am scared and excited :)
Have gone to camp since Girl Scouts! This sounds like fun, thanks JayKaye for the heads up!
What fun!
Can't wait!
Looking forward to a fun-filled week!
Summer Camp -look out!
I feel a cannon ball into the lake comin' on! Even though I will have to work each day (Uggh) will work on an early riser badge and get in before work. Can't wait!
Summer Camp
Taxi to airport - £25 Travel Scotland to USA - £400 CK Summer Camp....... PRICELESS So looking forward to participating in my first ever Summer Camp.... roll on July 13th!
Just can't wait!
This is going to be so much fun! I hope to learn some new techniques!
I can't wait! Maybe this will help me get motivated to work on all my neglected projects!! =)
Summer Camp
I will sooo be there! Just can't wait!!
Can't Wait!
I'm 'packed' and ready.
This comes following the weekend of Scrapbook Expo in Atlanta! Yipeee! Can't wait to see details!!
Summer camp
have my sun-screen & I am ready!!! WOO-HOO & no pesty bugs to contend with. :)
Summer Camp
I never got to attend summer camp, I can't wait!!
Ready for camp!!
It's been way too long since I attended a summer camp!!!
CK SUmmer Camp!!
Can't wait - it's been 30 years since I attended a summer camp --- great memories too!! Time to add some new ones and scrap'm too!!!!
1st Time Camper
I am pumped and ready I cant wait!!
Never attended summer camp....this should be fun.
Whoooo Hoooo a *Staycation*!!!
Looking forward to it!!
so excited
I love summer camp combine it with my favorite hobby and you have just got the best summer camp ever....I CANT WAIT
Sooo Excited :o)
Looking forward to this...I love learning new ideas.
I get to go to camp - I get to go to camp!!!
I never got to go to camp either, scrapaholic! Good for us!!
I LOVe Camp!!!
I have never been to summer camp. This is a great way to kick off summer. I am very excited!!
I am so excited.. Wonder when the class schedule will be out I want to know what all there is going to be.
So Excited!!
I've never been to camp before or to such a big event and am really looking forward to it starting!!
woo hoo! let the fun begin!
Hello fellow campers! This sure sounds like a really great time. Can't wait!
Can't wait.
I'm sooo ready for camp!!!
Sounds like loads of fun!
Sound like fun to me!
Count me in!
I'm signed up and ready to go!


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