Quiz: Camping Trivia

Quiz: Camping Trivia

Is catnip juice a trusted remedy for poison oak?


How many adults in the U.S. have been camping in the last 5 years?


Test your camping trivia with our quiz. Then check back tomorrow to see the results.


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Here: http://www.creatingkeepsakes.com/articles/camping_trivia_results
yeah, the first one WAS hard, wasn't it? The others I was fairy sure of!
when can we see our results?? I thought it was a bit difficult too!!!
Hard question.
The first one is a hard one. Did anyone else think so?
I am not feeling good about my answers either.
If you people tell me that you can use watermelon juice on poison ivy, I think I will have heard everything!! =)
Good questions!
Can't say I'm too confident of my answers!


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