Project 365 Photo-a-Day Challenge

by Beth Opel

WEEK FOUR: Brittany Beattie’s Photos

Laundry night—at least the start of it for the week.


I sincerely tried four times to make it to the gym today. Unfortunately, my life had other plans, so the closest I made it to my daily workout was looking at my class schedule.


It’s easy for me to wish the sun shone longer during the winter hours, because sometimes I never see it except through my office window. But today I was reminded what a blessing it can be to have these winter-sun hours. If the sun hadn’t already set before I left work, I wouldn’t have been able to behold this magnificent scene on my drive home.


A friend of mine is taking the GRE this weekend. (The exam is required for admission to graduate school.) To help her feel prepared, I made her a “thinking” cap and a “GRE whiz” shirt. Sure, she can’t actually wear them during the test, but hey, everyone can use a little encouragement before such a big exam.


After years of wanting a monitor that didn’t fill my entire desktop, I finally have an LCD monitor. The best part is that it was free (a hand-me-down).


One of my best friends is having a baby soon. Today I got to peruse her gift registry to find the perfect items for her new arrival.


I stayed up late to read a book. I started at 10:30 p.m., and this photo shows my oh-so-early finishing time (2:10 a.m.—the “5:10” numbers are just a reflection on my nightstand). It was pitch black when I went to bed. And no, I don’t make it a habit of staying up that late/early.


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