Project 365 Photo-a-Day Challenge

by Beth Opel

WEEK TWO: Beth Opel’s Photos

This glorious snowy-mountain view is right outside the office. Sometimes I can’t get over how beautiful it is here! I probably could just take scenery pictures all week, but I’ll try to offer you a little more variety.


A little peek into my cubicle. Since I drive a yellow Beetle, people often give me toy versions. The sunny color just makes me smile! Why haven’t I taken a picture of them before? I don’t know.


The wall of fame here at CK Media. Images of past covers decorate the hallways between the entryway lobby and our offices. A history of scrapbooking in magazine images! And now I have a record of it.


Colleague Kim Blackinton brought in her daughter Riley, so I had to stop for awhile and coo over her. And since I was participating in the photo-a-day challenge, my camera was right there—how handy! Isn’t she a pretty little thing?


On the way home from work, I always pass by this cool theater marquee. But this day I stopped to capture it! It’s so bright and uplifting, especially now that Christmas lights have come down and things seem less spectacular.


I see my stairway many times every day, but since I was looking at my world with a photographer’s eye, I noticed the cool shafts of light filtering through from the window blinds upstairs. Coupled with the Bible passage, the light seems appropriately inspirational.


Believe it or not, I didn’t have a dishwasher at my old place! When I opened it up to empty out the load, I was struck by how cheery and neat my dishes looked. It seemed like a little picture of me—organized and happy.


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