Color Me Quiz

by Beth Opel

colored flower accents

Color Me Quiz continued



6. Which class would you be most apt to take?

            A. How to write meaningful journaling

            B. A fun class using cute products

            C. A primer on basic design principles

            D. A study of color theory

            E. How to use your stash

            F. How to fit a lot of photos on a page

            G. A technique class on alcohol inks


7. Look at your photos. What pictures do you tend to take most?

            A. Destinations and vacations

            B. General stuff in my daily life

            C. Family members

            D. Flowers, trees and outdoor scenes

            E. Friends and fun times

            F. Myself or random things in my life

            G. Gatherings and events


8. Which of the following is most important to you when purchasing supplies?

            A. How much it costs

            B. How creative/trendy it is

            C. Whether it's a basic staple I can use in multiple ways

            D. How colorful and bold it is

            E. How happy it makes me

            F. How well it fits the themes of my pictures

            G. How much it inspires me to create


9. It's time to scrapbook. How do you determine what layout to work on?

            A. It doesn't really matter. I'll just choose some photos that appeal to me and start playing!

            B. I'm working chronologically, so I begin with whichever event or set of photos is next.

            C. I've got a new technique I want to try, so I'll find some pics that would work and go from there.

            D. I have several layout ideas planned out, and I'll just choose one of them.

            E. I just had a brainstorm of a cute layout idea, and I'm pumped to get working on it.

            F. I recently returned from a great trip, and I want to scrap those photos.

            G. I listen carefully to my mood to determine a layout that would work best with my current mindset.


10. Why do you scrapbook?

            A. I love crops and the friendships I enjoy with other scrapbookers.

            B. I am passionate about the hobby both as an art form and as a way to document my adventures.

            C. I want to document my family as a keepsake for future generations.

            D. I see inspiration everywhere, and I love creating and playing.

            E. It helps me organize my photos so I can share them with my friends and family.

            F. It's my autobiography; I love expressing myself through my pages.

            G. It's how I give back to the universe for the blessings in my life.


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Orange Excitment
Hey, I'm orange, and it does fit me! I love playing around with new things, color combo's, and mediums. I do get serious though, when working with heritage photos, so orange was correct for me!
Blue to a Tee!
I just took the quiz, and sure enough...I am a blue scrapper.
a rainbow?
so my results came back a 4 way tie with only 2 points each, and 2 other colors with 1 point....
Pick a color any color
Hey, Ginniej... You so stole my trademark quote :P ... "Rustic Elegance'' is what i always say! I think there are lots of us out there tho... lets just say that i think we're the best :wink: ... haha.. i'm mostly blue..... and white, and green and yellow... great.. and maybe i have MPD- (multiple personality disorder) to boot :D
I'm a red scrapper and it's so true :)
Blule/Green Combo
My answers tied with 3 blue and 3 green, and it pretty much fits me to a tee. While I'm a traditional scrapbooker, I do try to watch my budget and I take nature photos regularly. I like my pages and my life to be balanced and in harmony. Fun quiz.
Blue all the way!
Mine was dead on! I am a total blue scrapper! Most of my layouts are of my kids and I am a chronological scrapper. Always have been.
Very Fun, and true!
I am definitely an orange scrapbooker all the way around, as it is my favorite color. Blue was next on my list, which makes sense since I have all boys. The comments fit me to a "T".
Fun Fun Fun
I was a 50/50 split of red and orange which is a great combination and completly true!
Quiz Not Working
I don't see any way to click on the answers. : (
I want to be seen as purple....
BUT it seems I am tied between red and orange...:sigh:
I should be blue
My results came up white. That's not a bad description but the blue description is me to a tee.
Where is pink?
I can't believe pink is not an option here!! It is such a lovely feminine, girly color, how could it have been excluded from the choices? ;-) it also happens to be my FAVORITE color!!
this is so true, i was mostly orange. and, that really fits me!
I was pegged as a blue scrapper and yes I guess I am pretty traditional...but I do try to expand out from my comfort zone whenever the spirit moves me and I have a terrific example to work from. LOL!
What color are you?
Wow, 6 out of 10 came out Orange which I recently have developed a passion for. I never really liked the color growing up but can't help but be drawn to it now. The description fits me to a tee, fun quiz!
Didn't help
This quiz didn't tell me anything at all. I had 2 blues, 2 reds, 2 greens, 2 oranges, 1 white and 1 yellow. The only color I didn't have at all was purple, which, ironically, is my favorite color. What is that supposed to be telling me?!!! (BTW, I really should be blue.)
Red Scrapper
I had quite a few different colors on my answers but Red won out getting four of them...I read the red and I think it hit it on the button for me...I love this hobby, I love to travel and I love my pages to reflect it hit it on the nail!!! Thanks this was fun!!!
I too was all over the map with the colours. However, the colour i use most "BROWN" was not on the list. I love earth tones and most of my work reflects a very primitive and rustic look to it - I like to call it "Rustic Elegance". I guess I will have to stand alone. . . . LOL! Thx so much for the survey it was fun!
I found it very hard to choose just one answer. But I did & had a variety of colors. Orange was my primary color at 3 & Yellow came in second at 2. After reading their descriptions I think this quiz was pretty accurate. And it was fun to take too.
not specific
I was all over the place as far as color is concerned. I think I had each color once & Yellow, Orange, Green & white twice
I have one of each, then two blue, orange, and purple. I just read them all
This quiz says I am a yellow but I think I am most definitly a blue. All I scrap is my kids and grandkids and things that involve them.
Red scrapper
I like bold and colorful as with colors like bright orange and black, bright yellows but find I am green next and that is how my quiz came out. I thought I was really more green.
color quiz
Just call me "Confused" now. The quiz says I'm Green - not!!!! I'm more Orange and Blue!
color quiz
I had hoped to learn something new bout my scrapbooking. But no it only confirmed what I already knew.


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