Feel the Rhythm

Stacy Julian

Create Repetition in Three Easy Steps

Repetition is an easy and natural thing to do, even for a novice scrapbooker. Try following these three steps on your next layout:

1 Look closely at all the photos you've chosen for a layout and select one to be your focal point. Use this photo to select a theme and background for your layout. Make sure that something in your focal-point photo is repeated on the layout through color, theme, mood or accents.

2 Next, lay all your photographs on your selected background papers. As you decide how to shape and mat each photo, use the principle of repetition. There's bound to be a decorative scissor edge that imitates something in your photos or patterned paper. Even the way you shape and arrange your photographs can utilize repetition. Oval-shaped photos can echo Easter eggs, while three circular photos could become flowers on a spring layout.

3 With all your photos matted and arranged, it's time to add the finishing touches. Try using die cuts, stickers and other accents that repeat elements from your photos or a part of the story or theme. An example? A paper doll dressed up like the subject of your photos is a great way to use repetition.

When the words of your title also repeat the photos and theme of your layout, the result is a unified design. Every element will have a reason for being on your layout when it's connected to your photos or other elements on your pages!


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