Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking 1

by Jessica Sprague

Download a free trial version of Photoshop Elements to play with.

Video Tutorials
Jessica's Favorites
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Video Tutorials

  • Installing Fonts
  • Installing Brushes in Photoshop
  • Installing Brushes in Photoshop Elements

  • Jessica's Favorites
  • From Page 45: My favorite photo frame kits

  • Blair’s Borders by Blair Blanks This is a set of 10 high-resolution photo borders in a single-layered Photoshop document.
  • Polaroid Image Transfer brushes by Lazar Studio Werx This brush set includes a .ab files and .png files you can use with this tutorial. Just drag and drop them onto your photo.
  • Instamatic Frames & Transfers by Katie Pertiet
  • Storyboard Polaroids by Katie Pertiet
  • Storyboard Negatives by Katie Pertiet
  • Graphic Frames and Swashes by Michelle Coleman
  • Frame it Square by Meredith Fenwick
  • Frame it Floral by Meredith Fenwick
  • Frame it Ornate by Meredith Fenwick
  • Don’t be Negative by Gina Miller
  • Grunge Photo templates by Tracy Rivera
  • Penny Springmann’s Frame Masks
  • Pretty as a Picture by Traci Murphy
  • Pretty as a picture 2 by Traci Murphy
  • Grunge Photo Frames 2 by Vera Lim
  • Scrap Simple Embellishment Templates from ScrapGirls
  • Bitsy Frame Brush Set Mini from ScrapGirls
  • Snap Shot Flourishes by Rhonna Farrer
  • Shmootzy Frames 3 by Nancie Rowe Janitz

    From page 73 Some of my favorite digital distressing kits are:

  • The Digital Distressing Kit by Nancie Rowe Janitz This huge kit comes with a tutorial explaining how to use the items in the kit, which include distressed overlays and grunge brushes.
  • Grunge Overlays Set by Katie Pertiet The set includes two page overlays to grunge the edges of any item.
  • Roughed up Tool kit by Rhonna Farrer
  • On the border 1 and 2 (photo distressing kits) by Gina Miller
  • ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Edgy, THIN, by Scrapgirls
  • ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Enchanted, by Scrapgirls
  • Flourish Frames by Michelle Coleman

    From page 84: Want more shaped text?

    Check out these great kits:

  • Text paths collection #1 by Jen Caputo
  • Text paths collection #2 by Jen Caputo

    From page 93: Here are some fun font sites (most offer at least some free fonts):


    From page 113: Some of my favorite digital journaling stamps and tags are in these kits:

  • Journaling Brush Set by Katie Pertiet
  • Dated journaling stamps by Katie Pertiet
  • Frametabulous set by Tia Bennett
  • Schmootzy Journaling Tags by Nancie Rowe Janitz
  • Doodle Me Poetry by Debbie Pearson
  • Funky journaling brushes by Meredith Fenwick
  • Journal Away kit by Traci Sims
  • Write ‘em Up embellishment kit by Kate Teague
  • Rock Star kit by Krista Mettler
  • Dated Journalers by Katie Pertiet

    From page 125: Many digital kits come with pre-colored borders and digital rub-on graphics you can use to create page flaps. Some of my favorites include:

  • Natural borders by Mary Ann Wise
  • PeachyKeen kit by Rhonna Farrer
  • PeaPod kit by Rhonna Farrer

    From page 137: Many digital scrapbook kits come with embellishments you can resize, re-color and print for use on your paper scrapbook pages. Here are some of Linda’s favorites:

  • Baby You Can Drive by Robin Carlton
  • Come On, Get Happy! by MandaBean
  • Little Charmer by Anna Aspnes
  • Little Man by Amy Bleser

    From page 145: Some of my favorite kits have patterns that are perfect for this technique. Check these out:

  • 90 Degrees Kit by Kellie Mize
  • A Boy Kit by Jackie Eckles
  • Cheerful kit by Mindy Terasawa
  • Dirty Shirt Paper Pack by Kim Christensen
  • Split Pea kit by Rhonna Farrer

    From page 153: I neglected to mention that the digital patterned paper I used in the layout on page 152 is from the Krafty Halloween kit by Katie Pertiet.

    In addition, some of my favorite digital kits with “wordy” papers include:

  • Alpha Jumble Paper Pack by Mary Ann Wise
  • Being Kit by Jen Wilson
  • Caring kit by Jen Wilson
  • Spelling 101 pack by Kim Christensen
  • Call My Number Paper Pack By Sausan
  • Just the basics Freestyle Paper Pack by Kimberly Giarruso
  • Elementary Grammar by Miss Mint
  • Love Muffin by Miss Mint
  • Jolly Holiday by Krista Mettler
  • Dictionary paper pack by Katie Pertiet
  • Defining Friends paper single by Katie Pertiet
  • ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Calligraphy by ScrapGirls
  • ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Manuscript by ScrapGirls

  • Free Kit Downloads

  • Flower Girl Kit by Jessica Sprague
  • Companion Kit to Computer Tricks
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    join the club
    i joined the club for $30 and I can read back issues and all 3 digital scrapbooking issues for as long as my club status is active. BUT!!! I can't download the stuff to go along with issues. I do OWN the #2 issue and have never been able to download the stuff to go along with the issue. How can we be forbidden to access this stuff thats out there for us right on the website? It's not fair. I don't think they are reading these comments.Maybe if you post this in the chat area someone will answer.
    I too am forbidden from downloading free kits for Volume #1. I have all three volumes. I am having this problem with volume 2 also. I have searched high and low through the magazine to see if there were links or codes to be able to get the downloads. No luck. Please advise.
    Why am I forbidden to download the free kits?
    Computer Tricks 1
    I have 2 and 3, but I sure would LOVE to have 1! These are invaluable to me!
    Computer Tricks 1
    I too have searched high and low for months now for a copy of the 1st edition of this magazine. Has anybody had luck in finding copies of this out of print issue??!! Anybody willing to sell me their old magazine or let me just borrow it? Please let me know! Kind regards, Stacie
    free downloads
    I have tried to download several items from the first issue of computer tricks, but apparently they are not able to be downloaded. any one have any help.
    Computer Tricks 1 is available here!
    Creating Keepsakes has this book in their shopping section. Go here: Enjoy everyone!
    Computer Tricks 1
    I too am looking for Book 1....I see other people are too, but I don't see any responses.
    Computer Tricks #1
    Am also looking for the #1 book; is there anyone who has one they want to sell? Please email me at Thanks!!
    Computer Tricks 1
    how can I purchase this issue?
    Computer Tricks # 1
    I'm looking for the first one of computer tricks for scrapbooking. Does anyone know how to get one? Let me know if you do. email is Thanks!
    Computer Tricks #1
    I have looked everywhere I can think of, trying to find a copy of #1. Do you have any idea where I might find it? I have #'s 2 and 3, both of which are fantastic, and I want #1 to round out my set. Thanks!
    Computer Tricks #1
    For Circuit Rider (and jacksond): Cover price is $14.95 (US) and I haven't gone to the post office to see what it would cost to mail in a manila envelope - no special packaging. When I do, I will write to you via email. Mine is Just to remind you, this magazine is no longer in its original binding. I cut it off to put into a three ring binder for ease of propping it up next to the computer. No holes punched, I had it in plastic sleeves, but will take the pages out of those since I want to keep the plastic page holders. Will try to get back on-line next week to follow up.
    fir dexterdee
    Yes I would love to acquire the computer tricks #1 from you. How can I get in touch with you when I tried to reply to your comment I received an error message.
    Computer Tricks 1
    dexterdee: I am interested if you still have this magazine. email me
    Computer Tricks #1
    For Circuit Rider....I tried to send a message to you, but kept getting an error message. I have #1, though not in its original binding. Would sell for 1/2 the cover price plus postage if interested.
    Computer Tricks
    Hi Jessica, I have your magazines 2 and 3 but would really like to have the very first one also but am unable to locate it. Could you please tell me where I can purchase a copy? Thank-you Circuitrider


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