Creative Moms & Daughters

by Liesl Russell


Interview with Sharon Laakkonen (continued)


5. Where or how do you find inspiration?

What isn't inspiring? I love being inspired in a variety of mediums-it could be a simple menu design or a line at Gymboree that catches my attention. Since I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising, I have to admit that clothing trends really help me transfer that inspiration to my layouts the most.


6. How does your daughter inspire you to create new things?

Brittany's art reaches out into areas I might not otherwise even look twice at! Since she has been in a variety of college art classes, she has piqued my interest in areas like graphic design and hybrid scrapping. I love to see how she incorporates the two into her scrapbooking and the other areas of her life. Seeing her do it first gives me confidence to push outside my comfort zone a bit at a time.


7. What creative project do you remember doing with Brittany for the first time, and how did it turn out?

Outside of scrapbooking, I remember working on fun art projects together. Since I taught Britt at home, we had art class a few times a week. It was definitely her favorite class!


8. Is your creative style similar to or different from your daughter's?

Our styles are very different. My style is very balanced, romantic and shabby-chic, while Brittany is very colorful, free-flowing and not so balanced! She has swatted my hand before as I tried rearranging embellishments on her layout while I was watching her scrap.


9. What kinds of creative things do you and your daughter enjoy doing together?

We love scrapping together. We critique each other's work in a painfully honest manner, mixed in with a bit of sarcasm. No one makes me laugh as much as Britt does-even if it is at my expense.


We also love to make hundreds of truffles each Christmas, Valentine's Day and any other time we crave chocolate! I started the tradition years ago, and now Britt has expanded our yearly duties from two kinds to about six different kinds of truffles. (I think she just likes to one-up me!)


Besides cooking and baking, we've also dabbled in decorative woodcrafts. Just for the sake of a cleaner house, I like to keep all paint away from Britt as much as possible now!


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