Creative Moms & Daughters

by Liesl Russell


Meet Sharon Laakkonen, scrapbook designer and Prima Design Team coordinator; mother of Brittany Laakkonen


1. What kinds of creative projects do you enjoy doing? When did you start doing them?

My daughter Brittany and I have a love for many of the same types of "projects," whether it be scrapping, decorating the house, painting, baking or cooking. We worked jointly on many aspects of my oldest daughter's, Bethany, wedding this past August, too!


Brittany has been involved in art and baking/cooking since she was a little girl-maybe three or four years of age. Since I home-schooled Britt, we often worked on things together-including a salt relief of the country of Egypt that took over our kitchen counter for a few weeks!


2. How did you first get involved in the creative process?

Baking and cooking were natural areas to start dabbling in together, because our family likes to eat! We both enjoyed the actual creation of new dishes, along with the presentation of them. Artwork was just for FUN! While my other children enjoyed it, Britt would be totally immersed in any project she worked on.


3. Where do you create?

For all things craft-related, we share a craft loft! It has lots of cubicles to hold our supplies, along with two large desks. Britt tends to "hog" as much space as possible, so I usually end up on the floor in a teensy-tiny area! (Truth!)


4. How has your style of creative projects changed over the years?

Well, I used to be the teacher and leader of projects . . . now Britt has branched out and is finally comfortable in her own artistic skin. Even though she started out with crayons and washable watercolors when she was two, she is a true artist now!


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