Day 2 Class: Clean-Up Duties

by Camp Counselor Beth Opel



Lazy Susan supply organization

Step 3: Prioritize.

Which types of supplies do you reach for most frequently? Determine an order of importance for the contents of your stash. When we get to arranging everything, you'll be placing the high-priority items within easiest reach.



jar supply organization

Step 4: Compartmentalize.

Begin putting things away, starting with your most-beloved products and tools. Store them in drawers, bins, baskets or jars at eye level or within arm's reach of your creative station. Be sure to consider your organizational style--if you need to see what you have, use clear containers; if you prefer a more streamlined look, opt for closed storage.


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I have been cleaning up my area for the past week, not that it was a HUGE mess, but.. it needed to be "cleaned" I am going to get a large storage bin that houses lots of little drawers, and get rid of the baby jars and little totes, one place for everything instead of little bits here and there.... phew!
Organizing ideas
These are great suggestions...I am going to see what I can incorporate here!
Clean UP???
If I do that, I might not be able to find what I need. That ALWAYS happens to me when I clean. :-/
You inspired me!
going to straighten the cabin now!
Nearly Finished!
I have almost finished a month's worth of reorganizing my scrapbook room. I am getting rid of so much stuff I've been holding on to. I feel so refreshed. All I have left to do is sort and store my scraps! Notice I left that til last :0
My space has been "Ized"
I moved from a large dedicated scraproom into a corner of the living room - I missed the sunlight. As of last night I have "ized" the entire area. I have a bit more personalizing to do, but otherwise, it looks awesome!
I would need a whole week to even do this class. My scraproom is in shambles
Got to camp late
We were out of town so am late getting to camp. Will need to do day 1 project and will be up late getting organized. While we were gone our cats got into my studio and got into everything they could and its all over my floor. Oh my really do need this week at camp...
I am still working on my organization!
Have been doing the CD case stamp storage for a while so I continued with this today as my camp duty for the day!!
EZ 4 Me today
I am so glad to see this project for today because I am still working on yesterdays, but today's project, I finished one month ago!!! So that means I can keep working on yesterday's craft and taking pics so I can do my LO. Yahoo! My cabin is neat and organized!!!!
Thanks for the motivation...
I have been working on this project all summer and this encourages me to keep on...keep on...keep on!
Love Today's Class
I love that we aren't doing another "project" today. Gives me time to get myself (and my stash) together in preparation for the next project! Going into my scraproom to de-clutter NOW!
Ok, who wants to come help? LOL! Thanks for the motivation!
Thank you!!!
I really need to get organized!!!!
Giving is sometimes better than getting
I've decided that I've hoarded too much of my scrapbook stuff and now I have made special boxes for the kids in my family who scrapbook. I throw supplies in there that I haven't used in over 2+ years according to thier tastes. Then when they come over, it's like Christmas to see them open thier "Scrappy Boxes" - which I love to see!
I really like this class!!
I always feel rejuvenated after organising my stash, it gives me a boost to scrap even more!!!
hey... i love that!
I use a Making Memories tool turntable on my art table and it's fabulous, but I have to say that I also LOVE the lazy susan with the tin containers. That would be great for my work countertop tools. Thanks for that idea CK!
Thanks for the motivation!
I now need to unpack the items I took to a crop and reorganize them
Love being organized. Thanks for the tips. Jars are the best.
I can always use some advice on organization!
Cleanliness is next to creativeness.
Ha. I re-did, re-organized my scrap area this spring. It's new all contained in a scrapbox. I love the organization. And I've even designated a couple of the pockets to display completed projects.


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