CK Summer Camp Orientation

CK Summer Camp Orientation

Welcome, Campers!


Thanks for joining us for our first-ever online Summer Camp! We've planned a week of creative fun just for you. Each day, you'll find:

*a free font

We've gone through the CK font archives and picked out the campiest fonts for you to enjoy! A new one will be available each day for downloading and using as titles, journaling and more on your pages.


*an inspirational class

Taught by our qualified counselors, each day will bring a downloadable scrapbooking class to spark your creativity.


*a quiz or poll

What are your favorite camping foods? Do you know which CK staffer would rather "camp" in a hotel? Each day you'll find a fun quiz to take or poll to weigh in on for some campy fun.


*a recipe

From yummy s'mores to tin foil dinners, we've got camp food recipes to share. Check them out to bring some campy deliciousness to your summer meals---even if they're just in your own backyard!


*fun in the Arts & Crafts Lodge

All week long we have an amazing challenge based on popular camp crafts. Head on over to the lodge to find out how you can win fun prizes for your creative pages!


But that's not all!

If you registered for camp, you're eligible for cool grab bag prizes throughout the week that are awarded randomly. Plus, before the end of the week, we'll send you an exclusive decal logo to make your own camp gear, a special button to place on your blog or email signature, and special coupon code that you can use in our online store to save some mula on CK products.


Got any questions? Want to see if you're a prize winner?

Then head on over to the CK Summer Camp Bulletin Board thread on the message boards. Each day, Camp Director Beth Opel will have announcements and be around to answer any questions you may have.


Have a wonderful, creative week at camp!

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Unfortunately, the fonts were only available during camp week. However, all of the activities, recipes, polls/quizzes and classes are still available. Enjoy!
free fonts?
I missed the last 3 days of the camp due to illness; downloaded the first 2 free fonts, but missed the others... Anyone have a link? I can't find it anywhere :(
Summer Camp
I found the summer camp after it was over can I still do it...
Summer camp
Excited. Had forgotten my log-in information and could not find thread But today I got the email so now I need to catch up!
Summer Camp Is Always Fun!
The few times that I had the opportunity to go to camp, it was always fun and a learning experience. I am happy to say that so far online summer camp has been just as much fun. I am enjoying all the information we have been given so far. It really make the creative juices start flowing!
Online Summer Camp
This is great...being able to attend and still take care of the family is the most ideal arrangement! Thanks for puting this together!
Ready to Go
I have always enjoyed Camp. Looking forward to a good experience.
Ready to start
Sounds like a fun and busy week!
I'm so excited to start.
how do you
Where do you upload your images for the camp contests?
Thanks for sending me to scrapping summer camp- this summer it HAS TO BE on a scholarship cuz i spent all my pin money on scrapbooking supplies! I am having a great time- so glad i signed up in advance but next time you all should get the word out there more....... and i should have too-i have to admit that it wasn't until today- day two of camp- that i remembered to tell my LOOOONNNNG time best friend and scrapping buddy- and here was how i finally got around to it- her twins are at summer camp for the week and she has been using her spare time for - guess what- scrapbooking...her New England- Washington DC tour family vacation from last month...... I am sure she will try to sign up today......but next year if you hold camp again I promise to help to increase your campership! :)
I am homebound so doing things on line is great. I am really excited to do this this week. Thanks for such a wonderful idea.
I am ready!! I am ready!! I am ready!!!
Camp is cool
Headed for my tent -will have to work on projects tomorrow night - I am sooooo tired. G'night all!
How exciting!
YAY I cant wait to start attending camp!!!
So exciting! I have no email confirmation but as long as I can download free stuff, learn new things, then I'm in.
Link for classes
Gloria here is link
registration for summer camp
I clicked on your register here and filled out the pertinent info twice once the day you sent the email and again a week later. I've gotten nothing from you. What is going on?
Cannot wait!
I'm really looking forward to seeing what inspirations come my way in doing this! :)
I can not wait
I'm ready!!!
sounds absolutely fun! =)
I found the Arts and Crafts but how do we find the class and download? I"m excited to get started
Geared up!
I am ready to learn some new table is ready for creating!
so much to look forward to!
sounds like great fun!
Got my supplies ....
and I'm on the way to the lodge.
Can't wait
I am so excited. I can not wait.
It all looks like a lot of fun coming...


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