Camp Recipe 1: Ants on a Log

Camp Recipe 1: Ants on a Log

Despite their name, these sweet and peanutty veggie snacks won't be ruining anyone's picnic. For neatness when you travel, put the peanut butter in a resealable plastic bag and fill the celery pieces upon your destination.


Ants on a Log


1/3 cup peanut butter

12 2-inch pieces celery

2 tbsp. dark raisins


Fill center of each celery piece with peanut butter. Top with raisins. Serve.


(from Home Baked Memories)



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Yummie yummie and looks soooo appealing!!
Love the name
classic snack- the name makes for a perfect snacker treat- Try not only cream cheese as an alternate but flavored- when goring up my mom would use the cream cheese with pimento! :) SIGNED_ Camper Dragonfly Blue
We're going to make these today! We might try it with cream cheese for my husband who is allergic to PB.
Try Spray Cheese
Okay, so the folks around here make fun of me for this, but I love the cheese variation on this snack. Fill celery with spray cheese for a quick and easy appetizer. Mmmmm...spray cheese. ;)
This is a very simple treat that I haven't made in years. I was in a bit of a camping mood today and sought out to make this day extra fun so I made it for my boys today and we gobbled it up!
My girls eat this too! Sometimes we'll use cream cheese instead of pb!
What a cute idea!
Love this snack!
Nutritious and yummy too!
This takes me back
I remember the first time I had ants on a log at girl scout day camp. How fun, now I'm in the mood for camping.
The Log is my Favorite SNACK!
Now I can put ants on it!
cute are these...


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