A Night in Your Life

Kim Sandoval
The night of August 14, 1999 was extra lucky for 15 entrants in our "A Night in Your Life" contest. Whether they were enjoying crab by candlelight or getting a haircut, they chronicled what they experienced. See which 15 scrapbook layouts won grand prizes

A Night in Your Life

Scissors: Deckle edge, Fiskars
Punches: McGill (circle); Family Treasures (circle); Marvy Uchida (star, tree, sun)
Lettering template: Frances Meyer
Star die cuts: Ellison
Rubber stamp: Shifting Sands, Posh Impressions
Rubber stamp ink: Plum, Marvy Uchida; Midnight Blue, Memories; Very Black Outliner, Designer Ink
Branches: Susan's own designs
Crimper: Fiskars
Circle cutter: Making Memories
Oval template: Provo Craft
Pens: Micron Pigma and Gelly Roll, Sakura
Computer font: Helvetica, Microsoft Word
S'more bar recipe: From Family Fun magazine
Fun ideas to note: Susan used jute to "hang" one of her photos from a tree and tie the branches together. She also created a night-sky background by ripping cardstock in a variety of dark blues. The sun punch was the perfect tool for creating grass.
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My husband and I spent Saturday, August 14, 1999, recuperating from celebrating a major milestone. The day before, my husband had graduated from college with a bachelor's degree. As the one working to put him through school, I was thrilled he'd completed an important part of his education. That night the two of us celebrated, enjoying a delicious Italian dinner at one of our favorite restaurants—and gearing up for my husband to start graduate school in two weeks. You can bet we spoiled ourselves that night!

Even if you didn't celebrate a momentous occasion on August 14, you did something that's become a part of your history. We asked you to share it with us by entering pages in our "A Night in Your Life" contest. As usual, you impressed us! From camping under the stars to welcoming a new pet to concocting killer salsa, you captured the magic of real life and let us have a peek.

How'd we finally settle on 10 grand-prize winners? We looked for creativity, strong journaling and sharp photos. Just ask our judging panel how difficult it was to choose the winners. We named 10, then added five honorable-mention winners we felt just couldn't go unnoticed. Read on to enjoy a "night in the life" of our 15 winners.


by Susan Badgett

The Badgett family's backyard was the perfect setting for a camp-out—until the younger campers discovered how dark it was out there. "The kids decided the front yard wasn't as scary as the backyard," shares Susan, "so we moved everyone to the front lawn." That's when the festivities really got started. Susan, her husband and their sons, Will and Noah, and Susan's godchildren, Elise and Jarod, gathered sticks to build a roaring campfire. Of course the campers roasted marshmallows over the fire—after they danced around it in their pajamas. And simple stargazing wouldn't do for this family. Everyone took their turn howling at the bright moon.

After a rousing sing-along complete with kid-sized guitars and toy keyboards, the family enjoyed homemade s'mores and a hand-shadow puppet show. "We had a blast," says Susan. "When the kids decided the dark night was getting too scary—Jarod thought there might be bears in the bushes—we packed up and headed inside for an indoor camp-out instead!"

A Night in Your Life

Colored pencils and colorless blender: Prismacolor, Sanford
Pen: Zig Writer, EK Success
Vellum: The Paper Company
Computer font: CK Script, "The Best of Creative Lettering" CD Vol. 1, Creating Keepsakes
Other: Brenda created a sandy beach on her layout with sandpaper that she deacidified with Archival Mist deacidification spray.
Fun idea to note: Brenda tore cardstock in a variety of colors to recreate the colors of the sunset on the ocean.


by Brenda Bennett
Morenci, AZ

Nothing beats an exotic summer vacation. That's why Brenda and her husband, Nathan, were so excited when their family decided to spend some time at their summer home in the San Juan Islands. "Every day and night of the vacation was heavily planned," explains Brenda. "The only night we had to ourselves happened to be Saturday, August 14." Earlier in the day, the family had taken the ferry to the main island, San Juan, to enjoy the sights on the Friday Harbor pier. Says Brenda, "We found a little place that sold all sorts of fresh 'creatures,' so we thought we'd live a little and pick up some crab."

After rummaging through the garage later that afternoon, Brenda and her husband found a little rowboat-the perfect setting for a romantic candlelight dinner on the ocean. To make the night even more romantic, Brenda brought candles and fresh flowers. She and Nathan set a beautiful "table" in the boat and rowed out into the ocean to enjoy their crab by candlelight. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for Brenda to realize they hadn't brought anything along to crack the crab open! "We still had a great time rowing about and enjoying the beautiful island," smiles Brenda. "Later we went back to the house and enjoyed the crab!"

A Night in Your Life

Lettering for title: Traced from game box using a light table
Card holder: Michele's own design (adapted from game)
Pens: Zig Writers, EK Success
Other: Michele included the actual game cards that were acted out in the photos.


by Michele Force
Plano, TX

For over a year, Michele and her husband, Michael, have been getting together with friends for a monthly game night. Lucky for them, game night fell on August 14! The group gathered at the home of Stefanie and Jeff to enjoy a wild game of Guesstures and leftover fare from Stefanie's baby shower (she was seven months pregnant at the time!). "Guesstures is a lot like charades," explains Michele, "but the words are easier and you only have a matter of seconds to act them out." The group had a great time, and Stefanie made sure to capture everyone on film. Laughs Michele, "We looked pretty silly as the camera caught our primitive theatrical talents!"

A Night in Your Life

Metallic paper: Source unknown
Punches: Family Treasures (daisy, small flower, circle, star)
"Canterbury Village" sign, village shops and knight on horse: Pam's own designs
Lettering templates: Pebble Tracers, Pebbles in my Pocket
Jewels for crown: Source unknown
Pens: Zig Writer, EK Success; Milky Gel Roller, Pentel
Computer font: Harrington, source unknown
Fun idea to note: Pam copied their dinner menu on cardstock and burned the edges to create a "medieval" look.


by Pam Talluto
Rochester Hills, MI

"My son, Marc, had plans with friends on the night of August 14," explains Pam, "so my husband, Dennis, and I decided to spend some one-on-one time with our daughter, Sara." When it came time to choose the entertainment, the decision wasn't difficult. The Tallutos headed to Olde World Canterbury Village. This historic landmark in Michigan sits on 21 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds and boasts 18 specialty shops and the incredible Kings Court Castle Restaurant.

After a stop at the Confectionary for their favorite old-fashioned candy, the Tallutos headed to the restaurant, where they enjoyed fascinating castle features while they waited to be seated-oak paneling and carvings from France, swords and tapestries, and full suits of armor. At last they sat at their table and were served a meal fit for a king. Says Pam, "It was a great evening-a 'knight' we will always remember!"

A Night in Your Life

Patterned paper: The Paper Patch (small check); Sonburn (large check)
Punches: Family Treasures (circle and large daisy for steering wheels on cars); Marvy Uchida; McGill
Die-cut grass and letter stickers: Pebbles in my Pocket
Computer fonts: CK Print, "The Best of Creative Lettering" CD Vol. 1, Creating Keepsakes and Shannon, Microsoft Word
Racetrack, fence and race cars: Sally's own designs
Fun ideas to note: To make the race cars, Sally scanned and resized the cars in the photos on her computer. Then she printed the images and cut them apart to create a pattern. She used an X-acto knife to create lines on the cars where there were shadows.


by Sally Garrod
East Lansing, MI

After dinner at a favorite restaurant, the Garrods headed to a family fun center for a night of entertainment. Sally's kids, Robby, Adrienne, Andrew and Sarah, played arcade games and miniature golf, then Robby and Andrew stood in line for a half hour for the main attraction—the go-cart track!

The Garrod boys were rarin' to go as they jumped into their cars and waited for the green light. Andrew wasn't quite tall enough to ride alone, so Dad jumped in to give him a hand (and a foot!). At the signal, the Garrod racers took off around the track. After just a few laps, Robby's car made an unexpected pit stop, but the crew came to his rescue with a new car.

Sally and her daughters watched from the sidelines as the cars raced. "Robby and Andrew loved speeding around the track," says Sally. "We all had a wonderful night spending time together."

A Night in Your Life

Patterned paper: Yasutomo
Letter stickers: Provo Craft (green); Frances Meyer (large black and white); Geographics (small white)
Rocket ship: Traced from Paper Pizazz punch-out
Template (diamond shapes) and die cuts: Unknown
Circle cutter: Fiskars
Punches: Darice


by Liz Stout
Medina, OH

Not much was happening in Cleveland on August 14," explains Liz, "so I decided to create a layout about what I wish would have happened!" Liz combined her obsession with the 1950s and her secret wish to be a rock 'n roll singer into one fantastic dream, complete with Elvis, aliens and a time machine. Dressed as rock star Lakewood Lorraine, Liz set out for a night of adventure with her boyfriend, Joey.

Liz decided to use black-and-white film to capture the fun after reading that most people dream in black and white. Liz's mom was recruited to take some shots as Lakewood Lorraine sped off to become a star. Little did she know she would meet a handsome prince and end up on Mars! Liz wrote a fun poem to tell the story of the night's events. "This layout is totally me," shares Liz. "And Joey and I had a great time traveling through time that night!"

A Night in Your Life

Vellum: Paper Cuts
Patterned papers: The Paper Patch; D.O.T.S. (red and white); Frances Meyer (bandana); Provo Craft (sword handle)
Metallic and parchment papers: Unknown
Scissors: Deckle edge, Fiskars
Circle cutter: Fiskars
Circle punch: Marvy Uchida
Computer fonts: London, The Writing Center
Sword, bottle and rolled map: Brenée's own designs
Paper-piecing pirate: Idea from PaperKuts
Fun ideas to note: Brenée used a real piece of cork for the bottle. She burned the edges of the map and journaling blocks for an authentic look.


by Brenée Williams
Boise, ID

August 14 was an exciting night for Brenée's son Keegan-he celebrated his ninth birthday with a swashbuckling pirate party! Brenée had spent days looking for just the right cake decorations, pirate hooks, scarves and eye patches. The invitations-old-world maps-had been rolled and hand-delivered to Keegan's pirate pals, Tyler and Jordan.

The big night was a huge success. Keegan's little brother (and first mate), Korbin, joined in on the fun as the pirates hunted for treasure and played "Pin the X on the Map." Bobbing for apples was also on the captain's log until the guests saw Keegan "slobber" on one of the apples!

Keegan's Grandma Karen helped with the games while Brenée captured the pirate antics on film. The pirates finally reached the treasure-chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate coins on top, and even chocolate ice cream on the side. This was an adventure the Williams family won't soon forget!

A Night in Your Life

Paper-doll die cuts: Little Extras
Patterned papers on dolls: The Paper Patch
Grass paper: Paper Pizazz, Hot Off The Press
Corrugated and silver metallic paper: Unknown
Glove, bat and ball die cuts: Memories Forever
Stickers: Stickopotamus
Letter stickers: Provo Craft
Pop-up base: Cut-it-Up
Baseball players: Modified from Jill Rinner's Paper Doll Collection
Mini swirl punch and hole punch: McGill
Corner rounder: Corner Genie, Chatterbox
Computer fonts: Kids, Princeton and Arial, Microsoft Word
Other: Melisa took a picture of a sign at the ballpark and cropped it to add to the playing field pop-up.


by Melisa Thornton
Munford, TN

When Melisa's husband was given free tickets to the Memphis Redbirds game on August 14, Melisa knew this was the perfect time to take their son, John Michael, to his first "real" baseball game. "We thought John Michael would really enjoy seeing the baseball players and watching the game," explains Melisa. "Little did we know he would have more fun playing on the bleachers, eating popcorn and ice cream, and counting the airplanes that flew over the stadium!"

While Melisa's husband and her brother tried to explain the finer points of baseball to John Michael, Melisa was busy taking pictures of the big event. The Memphis heat and humidity eventually got to the group, and they ended up leaving the game early. Says Melisa, "It wasn't easy trying to keep an almost two-year-old entertained during the game, and the Redbirds ended up getting beat pretty badly anyway!"

A Night in Your Life

Pencils: CK Rubber Pencil, "The Best of Creative Lettering" CD Vol. 1, Creating Keepsakes
Patterned papers: Glad Tidings (pencils); Frances Meyer (pencil holder); Making Memories (black dot)
Decorative papers: Solum World Paper (on books); Making Memories (metallic)
Ribbon: Offray
Graphics: WordPerfect, Corel (daytimer, books, file folder and printer)
Computer fonts: Times New Roman and Comic Sans
Scissors: Mini Scallop edge, Fiskars
Corner rounder: Creative Memories
Colored pencils: Memory Pencils, EK Success
Hole punch: Punchline, McGill
White-out bottle: Leslie color-copied the label and created her own bottle.
Fun ideas to note: Leslie created "computer paper," which she used to frame her photos. She also reduced pages from her actual dissertation and included them on her layout.


by Leslie Faris
La Mesa, CA

"My husband and I wanted to do something really exciting on the night of August 14," begins Leslie, "but we decided an exciting night wouldn't be an accurate description of what our Saturday nights are usually like." Leslie is pursuing her doctorate in clinical psychology-an endeavor that takes up most of her free time. She spends weekends catching up on assignments and getting ready for the events of the coming week. "Since this is my sixth year in graduate school, I've gotten used to spending Saturday nights this way!" she says.

Leslie counts herself lucky to have such a supportive husband. That night, like many others, he made dinner for Leslie and made sure the household chores were taken care of. At the end of a long, productive night, Leslie hit the sack in preparation for another day of hard work. Such is the life of a graduate student!

A Night in Your Life

Patterned paper: Provo Craft
Bug cutouts: Hot Off The Press
Stickers: Stickopotamus
"Don't Forget" clip art: Inspirations, D.J. Inkers
"Before," "After," "Snip" and scissors: Cut from Frances Meyer paper
"Grass" heads: Renée's own designs
Computer fonts: CK Script, "The Best of Creative Lettering" CD Vol. 1, Creating Keepsakes; DJ Daze and DJ Crayon, Fontastic!, D.J. Inkers


by Renée Senchyna
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

When Renée's son, Steffan, turned five, all he wanted for his birthday was a pet dog or cat. Unfortunately, Renée is allergic to both. "I really wanted to give Steffan and my daughter, Emilee, a pet," explains Renée, "so I decided to surprise them with 'grass heads.'" These lovable creatures require the same care a pet does, without the unwelcome side effects for Renée. Steffan and Emilee faithfully watered their "pets," named Larry Boy and Tina, anticipating the day when they'd be able to give them "haircuts."

After two months, the big day arrived. Steffan and Emilee each got a pair of scissors and a comb from Mom and gave Larry Boy and Tina a much-needed trim. "The kids had such a hard time waiting until they could cut the 'hair,'" explains Renée. Steffan and Emilee were proud of their handiwork, but the pride wore off quickly. Says Renée, "After the kids cut the hair, they lost interest, knowing their pets had already had a haircut. It didn't take long until Larry Boy and Tina died from lack of water!"

A Night in Your Life

Patterned papers: Keeping Memories Alive; Hot Off The Press; Provo Craft
Decorative papers: Diamond Dust and Velveteen, Paper Adventures; Frances Meyer (clouds); Accu-Cut Systems (metallic); Making Memories (glossy)
Vellum: Paper Adventures (Parchlucents); Pergamano (blue marble)
Embossed papers: Lasting Impressions (background); Frances Meyer (swirls)
Punches: All Night Media (mini swirl, swirl); McGill (mini star, moon, circles, mini maple leaf, sun, flower); Marvy Uchida (small square, bow, heart, foot, small star, circle); Family Treasures (balloon, strawberry, medium circle)
Lettering template: Pebble Tracers, Pebbles in my Pocket
Colored pencils: Memory Pencils, EK Success
Die cuts: Ellison
Stickers: Mrs. Grossman's
Scissors: Ripple edge, Fiskars
Pen: Micron Pigma, Sakura
Kangaroo, doll clothes and turtle: Janet's own designs
Fun ideas to note: To recreate her daughter's skirt, Janet layered blue marble and clear vellum over blue cardstock, then added mini flower punches. To create the turtle, Janet used a strawberry punch for the head, a foot punch for the "feet," and the point of a star punch for the tail. She cut a small heart punch in half and added mini swirl punches for the designs on the shell.


by Janet MacLeod
Dundas, Ontario, Canada

A Night in Your Life

Die-cut letters and numbers: Ellison (Sharon got the idea for the torn, overlaid look of the letters from Rhonda Solomon.)
Wood paper: Kelly Paper
Vellum: The Paper Co.
Colored pencil: Prismacolor, Sanford
White pen: Milky Gel Roller, Pentel
Computer font: Matisse, Microsoft Word
Drum and basket: Sharon's own designs
Other: Jute and embroidery floss


by Sharon Lewis
Mesa, AZ

A Night in Your Life

Patterned papers: The Paper Patch; Pixie Press
Lettering template: Pebble Tracers, Pebbles in my Pocket
Vellum: Paper Cuts
Metallic papers: Making Memories (silver); Hot Off The Press (gold)
Music note punch: Marvy Uchida
Circle cutter: Fiskars
White pen: Milky Gel Roller, Pentel
Gold pen: Sanford
Waitress pattern: Scrapable Scribbles
Shoes, jukebox and soda: Michelle's own designs
Fun idea to note: Michelle tied the shoes with white embroidery floss.


by Michelle Gowan
Macon, GA

A Night in Your Life

Scissors: Deckle edge, Fiskars
Pen: Gelly Roll, Sakura
Computer fonts: Unknown
Computer graphic: Printmaster Premier 4.0
Thought bubbles: Amelia's own designs


by Amy Abraham
Pleasant Grove, UT

A Night in Your Life

Circle punch: McGill
Corner rounder: Marvy Uchida
Scissors: Wave edge, Fiskars
Rotary cutter: Deckle edge, Fiskars
Colored pencils: Memory Pencils, EK Success
Rubber stamp ink: Colorbox
Metallic paper: Canford
Vellum: Paper Cuts
Pop dots: All Night Media
Boat: Rachel's own design
Computer fonts: CK Fill In and CK Script, "The Best of Creative Lettering" CD Vol. 1, Creating Keepsakes
Fun idea to note: Rachel used cotton balls and a stamp pad to shade the background paper to match the colors of the sunset in the photos.


by Rachel Scudder
Indianapolis, IN

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