Get Organized: Digital Supply Ideas

by Jessica Sprague

Step 3: Use Your System
Now comes the fun part! To use your organizational system, click a tag set (some programs require you to type your tag into a search or Finder box at the top). Your program will automatically filter everything, so you only see the items you’ve tagged.

In ACDSee, if I’m looking for green paper, I’ll go to my Paper category, expand it so I see all the colors, and then simply click on Green. In other applications, you might have to type “Green” and “Paper” to see all your green papers. And just like magic, from everywhere in your system (even an external hard drive!), all the green papers in your collection appear. Awesome!

In this screen shot, I’ve actually closed the file browser panel in ACDSee, so I get more screen real estate for seeing what I’ve got. To tag new supplies, I simply go to View > Folders to show my file browser in the left pane again.

To open a file, click and drag it into Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to work with it. In Windows, drag the item down onto the Photoshop button on your toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Wait until Windows switches you over into Photoshop, then drop your item onto the Photoshop interface.

Organizing can be fun or painful (depending on your personality), but I think you’ll agree that finding your supplies faster makes the whole process so worth it! For me, using the ACDSee Photo Manager to organize my digital items completely changed the way I scrapbook with digital supplies. I can find things quickly and easily, see all my items at a glance, and I can mix and match kits to my heart’s content.

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