Sunday: On the Sidelines

Lori Anderson

Enjoy 5 great border ideas for your pages


If there's one thing we hope you've learned by spending this fantastic week with us, it's that life is more fun when you get into the game. Sure, we all have busy moments in our lives when we're sidelined and our creativity slows (or comes to a halt!), but the important thing is to jump back up and get out there on that big, beautiful, multicolored scrapbooking field!


Before you head out for your victory celebration after a winning week, we'd like to leave you with one more play for your playbook. And since we're on the subject of sidelines, it's all about border ideas for your photos and pages.


Title Borders

Amanda Johnson's "Julie" page is so cool and fresh! Her stenciled letters must have been inspired by the yard-line markers that are spray painted directly on the football field, don't you think? Perhaps not, but masking letters with spray ink and stencils is a great idea to try on your next page!



Multiple Borders

Adding borders to your pages is such a fun way to throw bits of color, pattern, or shape onto your page without overwhelming your design. Check out how Kim Watson added a stripped, shaped border at the top of her "Snow" page, a lace border in the center, and a floral, scalloped border at the bottom. Each strip adds so much to her design.



Borders with Dimension

Just like every football game has its own sideline show full of cheerleaders, mascots, and performers, the borders on a page can be made up of many amazing performers as well. Suzy Plantamura added character and pizzazz to her "Nine Years Old" layout with a fun border of beads and fringe. Look beyond paper trims, and give your borders a bit of that "wow factor" as well!




Border Made from Layer Shaped Accents

Just like a great coach creates new plays based off old ones (which, let's face it, makes it easier for the players to learn), great scrapbookers use what they have and make the best of it. Megan Hoeppner created this adorable butterfly border on her "You Still Give Me Butterflies" page by trimming the butterflies from a piece of patterned paper and layering them on her design. Look at the supplies you already have, and try to use them in a new way to create stunning accents for your next layout.




Borders Made from Many Items

Great football teams are made up of many talented players. From linemen to receivers, quarterbacks to linebackers, each player adds to the success of the team. The same is true for scrapbook pages-each paper and embellishment adds to the overall success of a layout. Elizabeth Kartchner arranged a winning team for her "Little Did I Know Layout" by puts several different "players" to work. Check out how she mixes lace, buttons, patterned paper, stitching, and butterflies to frame her photos and add interest to her page.




It's Challenge Time

Remember, the next time you find yourself on the bench and unmotivated to jump back into the game, try a few of these ideas on your next layout to score big impact. Take the challenge today and upload the image into our gallery to win a prize (read more here). We hope you've had an amazing week at the CK Scrapper Bowl!


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