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Delight Someone with a Paper Shoe

To create your own darling paper shoe, click here to download our free template and get assembly instructions.



paper shoes by Ellen Hutson




Download a Free Page Template

Use this pixel-look background from 3 Pixel Chicks on your next page for a cool, multi-photo layout. Download it here.

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Help on the Shoe Template
I contacted CKMedia today and they emailed me the pdf today. However, we found that the template will come up if not using the Internet Explorer browser. Try Mozilla or Firefox and it will come up fine. Just wanted t pass this on to everyone.
3 Pixel Chicks download is available
See here for the download. Sorry for the delay!
3 pixel chicks
Please tell us how to find the 3 Pixel Chicks download from page 112 of the May 2009 magazine/
3 pixel chicks
Please tell us how to find the 3 Pixel Chicks download from page 112 of the May 2009 magazine/
3 pixel chicks where are you?
There seems to be enough postings here by folks like me who want that promised fantastic unaltered design. Can CK chime in here and give us a heads up on what happened and how we can get this? Your public is waiting... ; ) Laura2
3 pixel chicks nowhere to be found
no luck finding that cool layout from page 112. Tried going to the 3 pixel chick site itself but no luck. I was really in love with that colorful layout. :@(
found a shoe
Hi there...looking around i found this great web site called splitcoast stampers. Looking through i was able to find the shoe patteren for you all hope it works,
I am also looking for the 3 pixel chicks design!
I love that page in the tips & trick section and have looked everywhere for the download - which was promised - but cannot find it! Help!
Looking for 3 pixel chicks design
I'm looking for the design used in the Tips & Trick section, where it says "To download the unaltered design courtesy of 2 Pixel Chicks, visit" I can't find it anywhere. LHW, I had no trouble downloading the shoe template, but I used to have issues with PDF files. Try right clicking the link and saving the target to your desktop, then open it from there. Hope that helps!
Can't download
Please help-I need this shoe for my daughter's shower - and I can't download it - the screen is blank when I go to download it - any suggestions?


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