Creating Keepsakes Shows You Fun Things to do with Decorative Tape


Japanese Masking Tape (Washi Tape)


Domo arigato, Japan. Your designer masking tape is quickly becoming a worldwide crafting hit! Planning a party is definitely more fun with this supply in the line-up. Turn a strip of ribbon and assorted roles of tape into a festive banner by wrapping the tape around the ribbon and adhering it to itself, like I did with this tape from Love My Tapes.



Tape on bits of cardstock with stickers to add a sentiment to your banner.


Add to the festive flavor with Japanese masking tape place-card holders. Simply adhere a strip to the front of a clothespin for a quick dose of tabletop design.


Whether you're sending a party invite or creating your own stationery, Japanese washi tape makes the task an easy one. Cut strips of tape into triangles and line them up across your paper. Then, connect the banner together by stitching across the top with a sewing machine. Note: If you don't have a sewing machine, you can always draw a line across the top with a pen or marker

Send your stationery off in style by adding strips of gaffer tape (like this from 7gypsies) to the front of an envelope.

Wrapping a completely personalized present is easy with Japanese masking tape. Simply layer the washi tape to the sides of a bare box for color and interest.

Designer Duct Tape


Remember the days of the silver duct-tape wallets? Well, thanks to Duck Brand, you can now take that look and make a colorful statement. They have duct tape in numerous colors and even a tie-dye pattern.


Bring a little springtime color into your home with a duct-tape bouquet. These flowers are simple to make and will last a lot longer than any living real flowers would.



Pretty Packaging Tape


Just like regular packing tape, this goes on with ease. Unlike the traditional type of packing tape, this style, made by, is available in a variety patterns and colors.


Dress up your office space by wrapping a letter holder with a few strips of decorative tape.


For more office supplies covered in packing tape, visit

Don't stop at the office. Cover basic juice glasses with tape for an instant candle votive. These would also make darling flower vases.


Japanese Masking Tape MSRP $9+:


Decorative Packing Tape, MSRP $7.99:


Designer Duct Tape, MSRP $3.89:


Gaffer Tape, MSRP $3+:

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