Creative Spaces: September 2010

by Megan Hoeppner


Use slotted shelves to organize ink pads and stamps. And don't discard the tops of shelves for decorating space.

ink pad storage



Keep yourself organized with a magnet board. Add magnets to the back of your favorite scrapbooking accents for an extra dose of decorative appeal!

magnet board and handmade magnets


For more ideas on how to organize your scrapbooking space from Julia, check out the September 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.

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slottd stamp pad storage
I have been thinking of something llike this in my head for the longest time. I was going to have someone build one for me but I needed to come up with a sketch---not anymore! You have provided a photo for me! But now I have to know, can these be purchased somehwere? If so, WHERE??? I need these!
Slotted shelves
Hey everyone, I was wondering about those shelves too. I found some sources to share with you:, and I saw some also on e-bay (new).
Slotted shelves
Where did you find the slotted shelves. I am reorganizing my craft room and would love to get them for stamp pad storage!!!
where to find?
Loved your room! Was, also, wondering where to get those shelves that so perfectly hold the plastic 12x12 storage cases three on top of each other like that?!?
slotted shelves
is there a specific area on line we go to for responses?
stamp pad shelves
Where can I get the slotted shelves for the stamp pads. Thanks
Slotted Shelves
Where can I get the slotted shelves!
Slotted Shelves
I too would like to know where to get the slotted shelves.
Slotted Shelves
Where can I get slotted shelves?
love your space
i really love your space it is compact and neat but looks like it holds tons great use of a small space i love the cubbies that hold the 12x12 plastic storage containers can you tell me where you got them or are they custom made if so how big are they and what are they made out of i am redoing my room would love to have some i use those same containers and i like the way yours are displayed i've been puzzled where to put mine


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