Create a Mini Photo Studio

by Megan Hoeppner

Step 3: Insert glass (or acrylic) sheet into base of box.


acrylic sheet


Step 4: Insert cardstock beneath glass sheet, as well as in corners of box to create backdrop. Note: Fabric also works if you need to cover an area larger than 12" x 12".

cardstock backing and base

Step 5: Add white fabric to top of box to soften light. Note: From here, you can either take your box outside for natural lighting, or you can buy a light that will clamp to the top of the box (above the sheet).


light box fabric top


Step 6: Take pictures and enjoy the well lit, reflective outcome. (The glass base will create the reflection.) A few picture ideas to try are outlined on the next page:


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As an alternative... can get melamine laminate by itself at some home improvement stores. Glued onto 3//8" plywood, it would be a lot lighter than melamine boards. One thing that the melamine 'studio' doesn't allow you too do, however, is light from the side or back. Sometimes that's necessary to bring out detail... I found a cheap photo cube of translucent fabric works well for pictures; the biggest problem is coming up with a proper base for the item to show it off well.


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