Create a Layout about YOU

by Brittany Beattie


Before I Became a Mom: A Quick Quiz

1. The hobbies I enjoyed most were _______.

2. I usually spent my evenings and/or weekends _______.

3. My biggest dream was _______.

4. My biggest worry was _______.

5. The aspect of motherhood I most looked forward to was _______.

6. A typical date night with my husband was to _______.

7. The most defining part of my personality was _______.

8. My cooking skills were _______.

9. My friends considered me to be _______.

10. My biggest claim to fame was _______.



My Favorites: A Quick Quiz

1. The song I listen to most often is _______ because _______.

2. The movie I have watched more than any other is _______ because _______.

3. If I could only eat one food (regardless of calories) it would be _______ because _______.

4. If I could spend my day doing anything I pleased, I would _______ because _______.

5. A book I turn to again and again is _______ because _______.

6. The most prevalent color in my wardrobe is _______ because _______.

7. If I could rent any car, I would love to drive a _______ because _______.

8. The best day of the week is _______ because _______.

9. My personal motto is _______ because _______.

10. A restaurant I love to visit is _______ because _______.



Some of My Meaningful Moments: A Quick Quiz

1. A moment that caused me to laugh uncontrollably was when _______.

2. A defining moment that led me to pursue my major in college was _______.

3. A mentor who greatly influenced my life was _______.

4. An experience that led to incredible personal growth occurred when _______.

5. A humorous embarrassing moment in my life was when _______.

6. I learned to overcome my fear of _______ when _______.

7. A personal accomplishment I am proud of is _______.

8. I experienced a moment of complete bliss when I _______.

9. The best lesson I learned was _______ because _______.

10. I discovered a talent of mine when _______.



My Personality Traits: A Quick Quiz

1. I feel joy when _______.

2. I feel peace when _______.

3. I feel giggly when _______.

4. I feel calm when _______.

5. I feel saddened when _______.

6. I feel freedom when _______.

7. I feel picky when _______.

8. I feel hopeful when _______.

9. I feel energized when _______.

10. I feel gratitude when _______.

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Love this idea. Thanks!
I love the idea of these quizzes. It's like getting scrap promots!
memory jogger
I love these kind of memory joggers! I am sometimes at a loss for words when I journal. This is great!
Lovely idea
I am just working in an album of me, that will a good present for my daughter in the future. I will definitely use these ideas in my project. Thanks!!
Christmas Present!
Both of my daughters are moving out this fall, one this past Sunday and the other in two weeks. What an amazing idea for Christmas, but I am going to include their father in the scrapbook as well.
great ideas
to include in your ME album..or 2nd album if you've done a me album! yes I agree with Mags..the kids will love these when they get see MOM...
thanks for the idea and the questions to get the pages started. My girls will be happy to see this years from now.


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