Day 3 Class: Compass & Navigation

by Camp Counselor Lori Anderson


Line up elements across your page

Are you the camper who had a list of items to pack and bring to camp weeks before your departure date? If you are, this tip may be one you go to again and again when you design a page. Lining up elements on a page brings a crisp, clean elegance to a page and is always a crowd pleaser. Kelly Purkey lined up her photos in a progression, and topped off her design with a beautiful focal photo on the right side of her layout. Simple to create and so beautiful!


Happy Birthday by Kelly Purkey



Snack Break

Even if you aren't the "line 'em up" type, you're sure to be inspired by this week's Tuesday Tutorial over at CK Contributing Editor Ali Edward's blog. Cathy Zielske is her guest blogger and has lots of fun tips about designing on a grid (love those lines!). Don't forget to watch Cathy's tutorial on creating a 12-photo grid using Photoshop Elements (you can also download a PDF document so you can keep the instructions in your camp file!).

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Design ideas
I always have a problem with balance to a page, I will keep these ideas in mind as I progress to the next LO
Tuesday Tutorial
This is such an awesome tutorial. I've spent so much time putting pics into a word document and then trying to get them the same size by going back and forth checking sizes of all the pics. This will save me sooooo much time. TY very much. :)
I love this LO
the colors, the photos!! very inspiring!
these layouts.. such fun ideas..and I really need to start scrapping... spending too much time eating smores!! rofl
Loved reading all the super fun ideas. Will be using at least one of them on my lo!! :)
Thank you!
This was a nice reminder and a great break from my work!
Appreciate the technique reminders...
Mou's vibrant colors and groupings were so creative and I plan to scraplift!!!
Awesome layout ideas!
These layout ideas are great!!! I have a mini sewing machine, I am definitely going to use it!!!
still laughing...
Cathy Zilske's outtakes were so funny! Worth the watching. :)
Love Flowers
These are 2 cute! Thanks for the tips.
Lollipop Flowers
Thank you Lori!!!
You can make the flowers by hand-cutting fabric and layering it, or try these adorable lollipop flowers from Prima
Cute, Cute
Flowers, love them...
The Handmade Flowers - Instructions?
How do you make the hand made flowers???? Circle templates or dies????
Great tools!
No scrap camper should be without these great tips. Thanks! Now to find my next lo destination....
are great tips!! Thank you very much!! You got me INSPIRED!!!


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