CK Shows You How to Create Sandy Looks on Your Scrapbook Pages: July/August 2010

by Lori Fairbanks



Toolbox. Supplies you need:

  • Sandpaper
  • Ink
  • Scissors
  • Texture powder and glue
  • Embossing enamel
  • Beads
  • Heat gun

scrapbook tools


Tips for success

  • Try mixing two or more grits of sandpaper together since each has a different look and texture. Cindy used 100 (medium) and 150 (fine) on her layout, backing the castle windows with the rougher grit.
  • Use sandpaper to create a sand dune accent or a beach scene on your layout. Use a sharp craft knife to score curved lines on a piece of sandpaper. Tear along the scored lines to get a rough paper edge. Ink the edges if desired. (Cindy inked just below the torn paper edge to keep the raw edge a lighter tan color.)
  • If your sandcastle (or other paper-pieced item) is small, use small foam squares to add dimension.
  • Choose a small inkpad to reach tight interior corners on your cut-out shapes.
  • Cindy cut pieces of plastic from her son's inflatable ring to use on her layout. She cut a circle from it to frame her journaling tag and a wavy rectangle to use for the sandcastle's flag.


More tips for sandy looks

  • Use a texture powder, sand, or fine art sand with liquid glue to create a sandy texture on your layout.
  • Write a title using a fine tipped glue applicator as a pen. Quickly spread texture powder over it. Allow it to dry, then gently tap off the excess.
  • Embed cream- and tan-colored beads to embossing enamel. Work in small sections, adding layers of beads and embossing enamel to your project.



Q. Can I use actual sand on my layout? How do I keep it from getting everywhere?

A. Yes. Be sure to use a high-tack glue to hold it in place. If you're concerned about loose particles, consider spraying it with an art sealant. Or, instead, you could mix the sand with clear-drying glue or texture medium and spread it on your page.


Q. I love the look of the beaded title letters, but don't want to heat emboss. What else can I use to get this look?

A. Use a clear liquid glue like Diamond Glaze by JudiKins to hold the beads in place.


Q. I want my sand to have a little bit of sparkle. Any suggestions?

A. Yes, there are several techniques you can try, here are three to get you started:

   1. Use a piece of glittered cardstock as the foundation for your sandy accent.

   2. Mix a little glitter into the texture powder or embossing enamel.

   3. Apply a light coat of glitter spray to the sandpaper or your finished project.


Check out the July/August 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes to learn two cool ways you can step up this technique to get even more great looks.

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