CK Shows You How to Apply Metallic Leafing: October 2010

by Lori Fairbanks


Tips for success

* Select stamps with bold shapes and lines. Fine details may be lost when leafing is applied to the stamped image.

* If small bits of leafing stick to the paper around the stamped image, use a piece of tape to carefully lift off the unwanted leafing.

* Accent leafing embellishments by applying metallic spray ink or glitter to your layout.

* Save leftover portions of the leafing sheets to use on future projects.


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Q. Where do I find metal leafing?

A. Look in the art department of your local craft store, or check with your local art supply store.

Q. Other than leafing sheets, what can I use to get this look?

A. Consider leafing flakes from Speedball, leafing paint from Amaco, or leafing pens from Krylon or Elmer's.


Q. What is "composition metal leaf"? It's less expensive-can I use it?

A. Yes, you can use it. The difference is that composition metal leaf isn't actually made of gold or silver-instead, less-expensive metals are used to deliver the same look much more affordably. In addition to price, another bonus of using it is that composition silver leaf won't tarnish like sterling silver.


Q. Can I use other adhesives besides a glue pad with metal leafing?

A. Yes. Look for adhesives that will apply a thin, tacky coating that the leafing can stick to. If you use a liquid adhesive, spread it thinly on your project surface and wait a few minutes for it to become tacky before you apply the leafing.


Learn two more ways to apply metal leafing in the October 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.





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Apply Leafing
I have used metal leafing on projects in the past but never thought about adding it to a page layout. Will def be doing this from time to time


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