CK Shows You How To Color with Spray Ink

by Lori Fairbanks


Tips for spray inking success

  • Shake the ink bottles well.
  • Choose a heavier-weight cardstock to prevent the paper from warping when wet.
  • Use tweezers to flip the template over.
  • Test the spray ink on a scrap of your material (transparency, paper, fabric, etc.) to get a feel for how it accepts the ink.
  • Experiment with the distance between the spray and your project on a scrap. The farther away you hold the spray, the finer and more spread out the ink application will be. Spritz closer to your project for a more concentrated application.


Types of spray ink

Different brands of spray ink have various degrees of color intensity and opacity. Also, some sprays have a matte finish while others have a shimmery or metallic look. Take a look at color samples from five brands, then see page 49 of the March/April 2010 issue for more information about them.

spray ink for scrapbook layouts spray ink for scrapbook layouts spray ink for scrapbook layouts

spray ink for scrapbook layouts spray ink for scrapbook layouts


CK Spray Ink Q&A

Q. What type of paper should I use?

A. Heavyweight cardstock works best because it won't buckle and warp when wet. Light-colored cardstock will allow you to better see the spray ink on the paper.


Q. Can I use textured cardstock?

A. Yes! The spray ink will enhance the texture. Try embossed cardstock, too.


Q. What other surfaces can I use spray ink on?

A. Spray your accents-consider chipboard, fabric, ribbon, lace, paper flowers and more.


Q. How about plastic and transparencies?

A. Some spray inks will dry quickly on plastic and transparencies; others will require a longer drying time and may need to be heat set with a heat gun. Experiment on a small piece of your intended material to see what works best.


Q. I don't want to get ink all over my desk. Are there any products that will help with that?

A. Check out the Color Catcher from Clearsnap, or cut down a box so that you can place the items you want to spray inside it.

Check out the March/April 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes to learn two cool ways you can step up this technique to get even more great looks on your scrapbook pages.

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Resist Ink
You can accomplish this technique using a resist ink and a stamp pad.
cool technique.
Can I make my own spray by using alcohol inks and a little alcohol in a small spray bottle? Could I use re-inkers and water or alcohol?


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